17. jan, 2017

Foster failure

We are foster failures. I never thought I'd be proud of failing at something, but I'm proud of this. I will tell you the story of Kai, our rescue dog. It all started with me wanting a dog. I grew up with dogs and since moving out of my parents' house, I missed having dogs around. They are your best friend, sources of unconditional love and smiles. I wanted a dog. My boyfriend however, did not grow up with dogs and didn't really know what to expect. He is very busy and is working hard to finish his masters degree with the best grades possible, so the distraction of having a dog in the house did not appeal to him. Also, there was the question of me having an unpredictable health situation: can I walk with him at all times, or is that another thing that will eventually rest on my boyfriend's shoulders, just like chores in the house, doing groceries and a lot of other things I often can't do because of my limited amount of energy.

So, no dog. For some reason, I really could not let the subject “dog” go. I was very lonely. Being ill and housebound isn't good for you mental health. At all. My boyfriend is often away for university-related things and even though I fully support that, it does get lonely. It often happened that I didn't go outside for days. I really don't like to walk alone. It seems that the only thing to focus on during solo walks, is my heart pounding, shortness of breath and dizziness. I wanted a dog to walk with, focus on and maybe meet other dog owners. But Boyfriend wanted to be able to travel later on, when he is done with his studies and I am better (wishful thinking, gotta have hope!). A dog would complicate that.

So we compromised. We would be a foster home to stray dogs, to teach them how to behave so they would have the most chance of finding a forever home. On facebook, there are a lot of pages introducing you to dogs that need fostering. My god, you want to save them all. The heartache I felt looking at those dogs. Kai stood out. He is an old, black/gray messy long-haired dog. For some reason I felt connected to him. We chose him to foster. The month before his arrival took soooo long! But the day finally came that we could pick him up from the airport. He was in a travel-cage when we first met him, all drugged up and traumatized. The story of Kai goes like this: he lived with his two sisters in a garden until his owner died. The family of his owner threw them out on the street because they didn't want to deal with them. A friend of the owner, though, got them back because she knew how much those dogs meant to the woman. She put them in a private (outside) shelter, which is better than a public shelter but still very, very cold, and then I found him on Internet and got him here.

Kai turned out to be a sweet, endearing old dog. He got very attached to me pretty fast and followed me around all day, probably out of fear that he would be left alone again. He definitely has issues in that department, poor thing. We are working on that.

Anyway, the foster failure part. About two weeks later the subject of him leaving came up and that feeling didn't sit well with us. So we kept him. We adopted him and he has found his home with us. Charmed his way into our family. Everyone adores him. Which is only logical, because he is very adorable.

I'm proud to be a foster failure! Any other failures around here? Please comment below!