13. jan, 2017

Getting out of bed

Part of The Happy Spoonie Project is to give advice about typical spoonie-related issues, to tell you how I handle some situations and to tell you the little things I do to feel better about myself when I'm having a bad day. If you have any good advice on how to feel better, even if it is a tiny little thing, please share! We can help each other. 

The getting out of bed part can be challenging, given that spoonies are exhausted most of the time and that pretty much everyting hurts. I am aware that the amount of energy and the amount of pain is different for everyone, so if you can't do the things I'm suggesting, please don't be offended. 

Make your bedroom look nice

My bed is a mess, as I get in and out of it several times a day. Usually my curtains are closed and there are several pieces of bed-clothes lying all across the room. All this isn't very cheerful and doesn't make me feel any better. The bedroom is a place where I spend a lot of time, especially on bad days, so I figured it is important to do something to make the place look nicer and healthier. I started by opening the curtains. There is something healing about daylight, even when I'm sleeping, even when the sun isn't shining. Also, open a window. Very important.

Get dressed (or buy pretty PJ's)

I know it is not easy. On bad days I'm temped to stay in my PJ's all day, or wear something comfortable and baggy. But: that does not make me feel better (except that it doesn't hurt as much) and Boyfriend doesn't find that very attractive either. If you can't stand to wear anything but your comfortable PJ's, make sure you treat yourself to a nice looking one that makes you feel like you look nice. Make that investment. It's worth it. For me, I decided to wear more dresses, as they are comfortable and I feel good in them. 

Wear mascara

Call me superficial, but it works for me. On days that I don't want to do anything else to make myself look presentable because it hurts too much or takes too much energy, I found that at least wearing some mascara makes my face look less... ill. Less tired, less worthless. That tiny amount of energy is well spent because you feel more like a person the rest of the day. 

Drink some tea 

A lot of it actually. We need to cleanse our bodies everyday. Research states that not drinking enough water causes fatique. And we don't need more of that, do we?

What do you do to make yourself feel better in the mornings?