11. jan, 2017

Avocado on toast with tofu (Guestblogger Georgina)

Avocado on toast with tofu

You will need:

- 1 avocado

- 1 pepper (chili pepper or madame Jeanette, chose one you like)

- 1 onion (I like red onions)

- one garlic

- one tomato

- a lemon (just a little bit)

- tofu (the whole block or just a little bit)

Tools you need:

- a knife

- a plate

- a pan

- a blender (optional)

It will only cost you 15 minutes to make!

How to make it:

First, you cut the onions and the garlic very thin (make sure not to wear mascara, the panda look is only for the panda!). Then you cut the tomato and just one part of the lemon (just a little slice) and of course the pepper. If you don't like pepper, you can leave it out. Then you cut the avocado. Make sure to remove the pit!

Okay, you can eat this two ways. If you really like the taste of onions and garlic, you don't have to put it in the blender. If you don't like it as much, make sure you have a blender, put everything in it, and blend till it becomes a spread. Now you have to choose the bread you like. I like cornbread! You put the bread in the toaster and wait until it's done. Then put the avocado spread on it (I like a lot of it on my toast). Cut the tofu and bake it for 2 minutes. You can put some herbs on it or some extra pepper. Put it on the toast with avocado spread and you can enjoy your snack!