20. dec, 2016

Pasta with smoked salmon

Maybe not the best idea to start writing this at 16:45 when I''m already starting to get hungry... But I want to tell you about a smoked salmon pasta I made on Sunday when the vegetarian Boyfriend was eating out. This recipe I got from my dad who sometimes makes it at home, and it's always a treat for the whole family. So listen up!

- smoked salmon (obviously)
- pasta of your choice
- cream (I used the light version but you can choose whatever you like ofcourse)
- chia seeds (gonna do a blogpost later about the health benefits)
- mushrooms (lots of them)
- garlic (forgot to buy it but it does add flavour)
- peaches in a can (some familymembers argue that the peach is not right in the dish, but I think it is)

First, put on water for the pasta, or just throw the pasta in cold water and taste it now and then to see if it's cooked (that's what I do, but they will get you off Masterchef if they catch you doing that). Cut up the mushrooms and start baking them using some oliveoil or coconutoil (will probably do a health benefitspost on those too). Fun fact: do not add the garlic yet, but wait till the last minute, the flavour is way better then. I learned that from a farmer who produces garlic, who even puts garlic in applepie to bring out flavours. Now, that crosses a line for me. Other than that, love garlic.  

If the mushrooms are a bit brown, add the cream and chopped up smoked salmon. Let it warm up for a bit. You can now put in the chia seeds, You will not actually taste those, but the health benefits are amazing so I suggest you put them in there anyway. Do drink some water with the chia seeds though for it to work properly. I put chia seeds in pretty much every dinner I make (don't tell Boyfriend). Okay, where were we. Peaches. Cut up the peaches in little pieces and add it to the dish. Let it warm up. The pasta should be done by now. Make a quick salad for the freshness and there you go. 

I'm gonna cook now.